Sydney Racing in the 1970s.

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Warwick Farm racecourse

Upcoming media engagements for Sydney Racing in the 1970s:

  • an interview by journalist Paul Richards in this week's edition of Winning Post  form guide (on the stalls Friday 1 December).
  • an interview with race caller David Fowler during his 'Press Room' segment on RAdioTAB (Qld) Monday  4 December about 9.40am (Eastern Summer Time) AM frequency 1008 FM frequency 897.
  • an interview with 1970s race caller John Tapp available as a podcast at from  Tuesday 12 December.
  • With Bill Woods  & Jim Haynes on Summer Weekends Radio 2GB AM 873 midday Sunday 17 December.

The perfect Christmas gift for the racing fan!

If you can remember the sound of Ken Howard on your transistor radio, or any of the equine champions, people's favourites, trainers, jockeys and 'characters' of the racetracks of Australia in the glorious decade of the 1970s, you will love it!  JIM HAYNES, OAM, author and broadcaster.

​​​Wayne Peake. Writer. Racing Historian.  Proud Peake of Peakhurst.